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T.R. Aletheia, MS, RD, CNSC is a registered dietitian with a passion for holistic healing.  She earned a master's degree in holistic healing from the Clayton College of Natural Health.  Having one foot in each camp, so-to-speak, she likes to combine her knowledge of conventional nutrition with her love for holistic methods.  Her interest in alternative therapies was born after the death of her father from cancer.  The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources including conventional medicine, holistic therapies, and the Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) readings.  Cayce was considered the father of American holistic medicine and a medical clairvoyant.

T.R. Aletheia is author of Cancer An American Conspiracy which discusses successful alternative cancer therapies and why the medical establishment is hiding them from the public.

Disclaimer: The treatment options discussed herein are provided for your consideration and educational purposes only.  Should the reader choose to utilize any of the information herein, it is done so entirely at the reader's discretion and risk.  The author is not liable for the misconception or misuse of information provided.  The information provided herein is not intended to replace the advice of your physician or a competent professional.

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peace of mind

Invite Peace Into Your Life

Would you invite a convicted rapist to your home for dinner?  How about a serial killer?  No?  Good for you.  However, if you watch television shows like NCIS and Law and Order and movies like Scream and No Country for Old Men, that’s exactly what you’re doing.  Instead of inviting peace into your home, you’re inviting hatred […]


Why I Put So Much Stock in the Cayce Readings

Considered the father of American holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was in many ways an ordinary man.  He was a husband, father of two boys, a photographer by trade, and a Sunday school teacher.  In his spare time he enjoyed fishing and gardening.  When Cayce was a child he reported being visited by an angel […]

gluten free foods

Gluten Free Grains & Starches

If  you have chosen to go gluten free, having a gluten-free foods list is always handy.  Keep in mind though, that gluten hides in many foods so don’t forget to read food labels. ♥ Amaranth                                       ♥ Quinoa ♥ Arrowroot […]

carrot juice

Energizer Juice | Carrot Juice Recipe

You’ll need a juicer for this recipe.  This is my favorite combination! 1 small package of carrots, unpeeled 1 small package celery, leaves included 5 apples (choose a mix of Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala or Honey Crisp), cores removed 2 large handfuls of parsley (both curly and flat leaf work well) If unable to use […]