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Tip #2 – Small, Frequent Meals

Tip #2 – Small, Frequent Meals

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New Year, New Health Plan? Tip #1

New Year, New Health Plan? Tip #1

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Tvous hank pour visiter Options de nutrition en santé! My goal is to provide health-related educational information so that you are able to make better decisions to improve your health. I’m a registered dietitian with a degree in holistic nutrition. I enjoy combining my knowledge of conventional nutrition with my love for holistic methods. My interest in alternative therapies was born after the death of my father from cancer.

Les informations contenues dans ce blog vient d'une variété de sources, y compris la médecine conventionnelle, thérapies holistiques, et Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) readings. If you’re not already familiar with Cayce, he was considered the father of American holistic medicine and a medical clairvoyant.

Dieu vous protège!

Carolyn D'Notre