About Carolyn

First and foremost, I am a Christian. I am devoted heart, mind and soul to Jesus. Next, I am a registered dietitian with over twenty years experience in clinical nutrition. In my career, I have worked in the areas of acute care in a hospital setting, home infusion, long term care and renal nutrition. In particular, I enjoy caring for cancer patients. My interest in nutrition was born after my father was diagnosed with leukemia and later went to be with the Lord in 1989. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that he didn’t die of cancer; he died of the horrible side effects of all the experimental chemotherapy he was given. Mid-way through my career I decided to earn a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. I was tired of watching many of my patients succumb to the side effects of conventional medicine. In its’ defense, allopathic, also known as conventional medicine, has its’ place and many patients are alive today because of its’ efforts. However, I have watched too many patients die needlessly and felt that there must be other more gentle, natural means of healing. This also inspired me to write my first book, Cancer Remedies that the medical establishment doesn’t want you to use.

Ironically, during my studies of holistic methods, I was a member of the Cancer Committee at two different hospitals. I remember at one of our meetings asking the doctor in charge about an herbal remedy that was touted as having an eighty percent success rate in healing cancer. I was told sternly, This is not the place to discuss that. I remember thinking, well if a cancer committee isn’t the place to discuss cancer remedies, then where is? The more I learned about holistic methods of healing, particularly cancer, the more I realized that conventional medicine doesn’t like holistic methods. Why? Because they don’t make a profit.

Hence, the birth of my website, a place where I can discuss anything I like. My goal is to share my passion for nutrition and health-related information in order to be a benefit to others. The information on this site comes from a variety of places including conventional medicine, holistic methods, and the Cayce readings. If you are not already familiar with Cayce, he was considered the father of American holistic nutrition.