Castor oil was recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings for hundreds of different ailments. There’s still no explanation for why castor oil packs work for everything from ridding the body of gallstones to healing abrasions and infections. A long time ago, a friend of mine had a venous stasis ulcer on one of his legs which wouldn’t heal. It was due to very poor circulation, as he had peripheral vascular disease, and it had been open for over a year. He had been treated at a wound clinic and still it wouldn’t close. I decided to try a castor oil pack on it. Instead of placing the pack directly on the wound, I put it beside it for an hour three to four times a week. It closed within one month!

Why castor oil works is a mystery. In the Middle Ages, the castor bean plant was named Palma Christi, meaning the palm of Christ. Just as God works in mysterious ways, so does the castor oil plant. Here are some of the benefits of castor oil as outlined in Dr. William A. McGarey’s excellent book, The Oil That Heals; A Physician’s Successes With Castor Oil Treatments.

  • increases eliminations
  • stimulates the liver
  • dissolves and removes adhesions
  • dissolves and removes lesions
  • relieves pain
  • releases colon impaction
  • reduces nervous system
  • stimulates the gall bladder
  • incoordinations reducing toxemia
  • reduces flatulence
  • increases lymphatic circulation
  • improves intestinal assimilation
  • balances eliminations
  • reduces inflammation
  • increases relaxation
  • dissolves lacteal duct adhesions
  • reduces nausea
  • dissolves gallstones
  • stimulates lacteal duct circulation
  • reduces swelling
  • stimulates the caecum
  • coordinates liver-kidney function
  • stimulates organs and glands

In most cases the oil was recommended in the form of a pack. Here are just a handful of conditions for which a castor oil pack was recommended:

aphonia — appendicitis — arthritis — cancer — cholecystitis — colitis — constipation — stenosis or stricture of the duodenum — epilepsy — gallstones — Hodgkin’s disease — hernia — hepatitis — intestinal impaction — migraine headaches — multiple sclerosis — Parkinson’s disease

The frequency of using a castor oil pack was three to seven times per week. It was also often recommended that a teaspoon of olive oil be taken after doing the pack, three times. Three times a week for the olive oil is sufficient, even if you choose to do the pack daily; there’s no need to take olive oil after each pack. The olive oil is to stimulate the liver. According to Dr. McGarey, “The most obvious effect that I found in treating the body with a castor oil pack was the enhancement of the immune system.”

For more information, check out Dr. McGarey’s book, The Oil That Heals; A Physician’s Successes With Castor Oil Treatments.