Discover the Healing Power of the Human Body

As discussed recently with a friend, everyone develops cancerous cells in their body, at least two or three times a year. This is a normal occurrence, even for those of us that are health conscious. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, given the proper tools. For a healthy individual, the immune system is able to destroy these damaged genetic cells. sin embargo, in an individual whose immune system is impaired, these mutated cells can multiply until a cancer diagnosis is made.

I am fortunate to be able to share a story of how I could have been diagnosed with cancer had I not been in touch with my body and provided it with the proper nutrients to heal itself. Here is my story. Several years ago I had a job that I loved; it was challenging, rewarding and made me feel smart and successful. It was also the most stressful job I’ve ever had in my life. I had enough work for two people and to make matters worse, there were time constraints on everything I did which only increased the stress levels of myself and my coworkers. One day after being at the job for about a year, I started having severe, sharp pains in my uterine area. I wasn’t sure what caused it but since I only had them intermittently, I assumed they would go away. After about two weeks, I was having difficulty functioning because the pains still hadn’t gone away so I decided I better have it checked out. I went to a physician, who did some tests including an ultrasound, but didn’t find anything. She then ordered some blood work and decided to do a CEA level. The bigCwas never mentioned however, being in the medical field myself, I knew what a CEA test was for. It was to evaluate for cancer. A carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) test evaluates the number of cancerous cells in the body at any given time. In a healthy individual, a norma CEA range is between 0 – 2.5 ng/ml. My level was approximately 4. Not high enough to be given a cancer diagnosis but high enough to be very concerned.

Heal Thyself

I went home and evaluated my life. Having knowledge of holistic nutrition, I knew that my body could heal itself if I gave it the right tools to do so. I meditated on what would be the best thing for my body. Since everyone’s body is different, what is right for one person, may not be good for another. I decided that I would do a combination of herbal therapies and do what I could to reduce my stress level since I knew this was the primary culprit damaging my immune system. Chronic stress is very harsh on the immune system even if you have the healthiest diet in the world.

First, I ordered the Harry Hoxsey herbal formula and decided that I would take it per dosing instructions for about two weeks on, one week off, and then repeat for about two months and going forward, whenever I felt necessary. Eight of the nine herbs in the Hoxsey formula are known to show anti-tumor activity. Next I got out one of my herbal books and made a blood cleansing tea (recipe to follow). I knew that my blood likely needed a healthy boost so I decided to drink the tea two or three times a day. This I drank intermittently whenever I remembered. Having a full time stressful job while treating myself, I didn’t always remember to bring the tea or Hoxsey formula with me to work but I did the best I could. I thought about my grandfather who died of colon cancer. He was a man of few words but I recall him saying one day, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.I asked myself, “what’s more important, a job that you love or your health?” Bien, that was a no brainer. As much as I loved my job, I figured it wasn’t worth my health so I gave my notice and got another job. And I lived happily ever after, derecho? Bien, not exactly. I hated my new job and pleaded with God to come up with a solution. The bottom line is that I returned to my old job but ended up sitting in a different area to do my work which reduced my stress level somewhat because it was quieter. I still had stress but learned how to cope better with it. I also continued my herbal therapy every couple of months, on and off. Although I never returned to my physician for another CEA level, I knew that I had restored my health to normal because I never again had another pain and felt healthy. I eventually left that position five years later and although I miss the work itself and my coworkers, I know it was a good decision for my health and well being.

Listen to Your Body

What I hope you, the reader, take away from this story is that the body is remarkable in healing itself, but only if you listen to it. There are so many individuals who are not in touch with their bodies and some who ignore their symptoms for one reason or another. I was told early in my career, regarding colon cancer, that many peopledie of embarrassment.I thought, “What?!” When I inquired, I was told by an oncology nurse that patients are often too embarrassed to report their symptoms, so they ignore them. Eventually, they do summon up the courage to go to the doctor, but by then, it’s often too late. Please listen to your body and don’t be afraid to discuss your health with your physician. If you feel awkward with one physician, find another one that you feel safe and secure talking with. Your body, family, and friends will thank you.