Does Cancer Feed on Glucose?

Hydrazine sulfate is an inexpensive chemical initially made popular by Joseph Gold, MD, to break the negative cycle that feeds cancer. In the absence of oxygen, cancer cells use glucose as their primary fuel. Glucose used for energy is converted to lactic acid, which is then taken up by the liver. But in order to convert lactic acid back to glucose, the body must expend a great deal of energy. Once converted, the cancer cells feast on glucose, which results in the formation of more lactic acid, a waste product. Again, the cycle continues draining the body of its energy reserves.

Cancer Cachexia

Unfortunately, what kills most cancer patients is not the cancer itself but the cachectic, malnourished state that results from the abnormal metabolism of cancer cells. Hydrazine sulfate is able to break this vicious cycle and also appears to relieve the side effects of chemo and radiation. In order to bring therapies like this into fruition, change will likely need to be initiated by U.S. Congress. Please consider writing to your congressmen/women to urge them to investigate more apparently, successful treatments such as this.

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