In 1998, a lawsuit was brought against the FDA by a group of scientists, health professionals, religious leaders, and chefs. They demanded adequate safety testing and mandatory labeling of GMO’s. This lawsuit forced 44,000 secret internal FDA memos into the public domain, proving that the FDA had been lying to the public since 1992. It was unanimous among the FDA’s own scientists that these foods were unsafe but this information was hidden from public eye. Studies revealed by the FDA scientists reported “… increased levels of known naturally occurring toxicants, appearance of new, not previously identified toxicants, increased capability of concentrating toxic substances from the environment (e.g. pesticides or heavy metals), and undesirable alterations in the levels of nutrients may escape breedersattention unless genetically engineered plants are evaluated specifically for these changes.

FDA scientists urged their supervisors to do long-term studies on genetically modified organisms, but were ignored. Warum? Because the person in charge at the FDA was a Monsanto former employee. Monsanto, the chemical and agricultural biotech company is the same company that said PCB’s, Agent Orange, and DDT were safeand lied. Now they’re telling us that GMO’s are safe.

Top 10 GMO FoodsGMO foods have been put into our food supply without our consent. Scientists report that there is not only damage to the health of every American but also damage to unborn generations. Here is a list of some of the idiots that have been in charge that support your food being poisoned:

Thomas VilsackU.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 2009 (Obama)
Michael TaylorFDA Deputy Commissioner, 1991 & 2010 (Bush & Obama)
Roger BeachDirector, USDA NIFA, 2009 (Obama)
Ann VenemanU.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 2001 (Bush)
Margaret MillerFDA Branch Chief that evaluated rBGH, 1989 (Bush)
Linda FisherEPA Deputy Administrator, 2001 (Clinton)

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine took a strong position in defense of non-GMO foods. They cites numerous animal study results which showed serious health risks associated with GMO foods. These included accelerated aging, infertility, immune dysregulation, dysregulation of genes, abnormal cholesterol synthesis, abnormal insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein synthesis. In addition, animals tested displayed abnormal changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system.

It was noted that the biotech companies producing GMO food do their own research, naturally. Monsanto sells Roundup and also most GM seeds. This is a case of the wolves guarding the sheep. They’re playing roulette with the entire genetic integrity of life on the planet.

petsOne last item to mention is our pets. Americans love their pets; I know I love mine. Unfortunately, many pets have also developed a lot of the same problems as humans. If you have a pet, my recommendation is to put them on a grain-free diet; this way, they will not be subjected to the GMO food found in corn and soy, which is often the first ingredient listed on many pet food products. Also, add wild Alaskan salmon oil to their diets to make sure they get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

There are many consumers who don’t believe that our country would allow us to be poisoned by GMO’s. There are numerous researchers and scientists who have done their best to get the word out. Unfortunately, they have been penalized, paying the price in the form of being fired from their positions or having their reputations ruined. They are to be commended for their efforts and sacrifices.

We are still fighting to have GMO’s included on labels. It’s sad that grocery shopping has become so difficult. Most people’s lives are already so busy, now they are having to spend extra time reviewing labels to make sure their loved ones are not poisoned. The only way we will get rid of GMO’s is to hit Monsanto in the pocketbook. Since this is considered a money making scheme, your best bet is to refuse to purchase GMO food. Look for organic items and educate yourself. When discussing this, many people reply withbut organic food cost so much.I agree. aber, my feeling is that you can pay now or you can pay later. Pay now in the form of extra money for organic produce, meats, dairy, and grain. Or, pay later in the form of thousands of dollars spent on medical care and copays when you or your loved one develops an illness.

Shopping Tips to Avoid GMO’s:
1) Buy organic.
2) Avoid at-risk ingredients such as corn, soy, sugar, aspartame, papaya, canola, cotton, dairy, zucchini and wheat.
3) Look for non-GMO verified seals.
4) Print out the non-GMO shopping list and take this with you when you shop.

For a shopping list of non-GMO items, click here.


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