This food, once considered healthy, has now become another victim of the money-making monopoly called GMO’s. Not happy with Mother Nature’s milk production, Monsanto decided to speed things up a little. They took cow genes and put them into E.coli bacteria to produce a hormone for the cows. Nicknamed crack for cows, this injected hormone increases their metabolism so they produce more milk than Mother Nature intended. As a result, the poor cows suffer from mastitis, a painful udder infection which results in the production of pus. This pus ends up in your milk. In order to counteract the pus, antibiotics are also added to this milk cocktail. This genetically modified organism is called bovine growth hormone (rBGH) also known as Posilac. The presence of rBGH in cow’s milk stimulates another hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1. IGF-1 is what increases milk production but does so at the expense of your health.

  • Studies show that premenopausal women are seven times more likely to develop breast cancer when IGF-1 levels in their blood are high.
  • Men are four times more likely to develop prostate cancer when IGF-1 levels are increased in their blood.


Starting in 1994, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta showed a significant increase in breast cancer. In the U.S., women over fifty are now at an increased risk of developing milk-duct tissue cancers; these are considered one of the most deadly and quickest growing types of cancer to date. They are also considered to be directly associated with rBGH given to cows. Although the process is slow, the tides are beginning to turn. rBGH has been banned in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Japan. In the U.S., Dannon, Yoplait, Starbucks and Wal-Mart have banned milk containing rBGH. sin embargo, the companies that make your favorite ice creamDreyer’s, Edy’s, Nestle, Haagen-Dazs, Klondike, Good Humorstill use rBGH milk. If you’re looking for a delicious alternative, try Julie’s Organic Ice Cream. I recently discovered their ice cream bars and if you love the marriage of vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate, you’ll love Julie’s. It’s a little pricy but worth it. No, I’m not being paid to advertise, but will happily accept donationslol. I just wanted to share this delicious tip with you! Also, my two favorite men Ben and Jerry do not use rBGH. Yeah! milk cartoonAfter years of protest and consumer pressure, Monsanto has dumped rBGH. Unfortunately, Eli Lilly picked up where they left off, purchasing rBGH (Posilac). Asi que, same problem, different company. Once again, it comes down to money. Asi que, with that in mind, the only way to get rid of rBGH is to purchase dairy products that don’t contain this hormone. Until then, read labels and go organic.

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