It’s Going Around

It’s the time of year when the phrase on the edge of everyone’s lips isIt’s going around…” Well, I have news for you. “Itgoes around 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, if that’s the case, why do you not see more people getting the flu, in say, July?

How to Prevent the Flu Without a Flu Shot

The flu season’s yearly kick off normally begins at Thanksgiving. Why is it that so many individuals get sick in the winter months but rarely in the spring, summer, and fall ones? It has something to do with how we eat seasonally. Think about this for a minute. In the winter we eat lots of heavy, comfort foods and more sweets than normal. We stay indoors more, the days are shorter, and many of us exercise less. In addition, we’re under more stress during the holidays. In contrasto, during warmer months, we eat lighter foods, more salads and fresh fruit. We come out of hibernation and spend more time outdoors. The days are longer and we tend to exercise more and take vacations. What the heck’s this got to do with the flu, you say? Lots.

There are mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our health. Physically, as faras what we eat, each food item we ingest leaves behind either an acidic or an alkaline residue. In order to maintain health, our pH needs to be slightly tipped on the alkaline side. When the scale tips more toward the acidic side, we start to feel ill. Here’s where what you eat

images-3can make you susceptible toward getting sick. Flu and cold germs like an acidic environment. Foods leaving behind an acidic pH are protein, meats, starches, sugary foods and prescription drugs. Most fruits, vegetables, their juices and herbal medications create an alkaline environment. Now, think about your Thanksgiving dinner; here’s a sample menu: turkey (acidic), stuffing (acidic), salad (alkaline), sweet potatoes (acidic), green beans (alkaline), cranberry sauce (acidic), rolls (acidic), and pumpkin pie (acidic). The acid-producing foods outnumber the alkaline-producing foods by 3 to 1. Add a stuffy environment and a little stress, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for the flu!

Mentally, your state of mind also plays an important role in your health. One of my former coworkers convinced herself that each time her young daughter got sick, she would get sick too. And guess what? She did! She convinced herself that she would automatically get sick simply because they were related and breathed the same air. Modern science is proving that thoughts are things. Cayce agreed with this statingthe Spirit is the life, the Mind is the builder, and the Physical is the result.Spiritually, whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, meditation or something else, spirituality is also an essential component of a balanced life.

Negli ultimi trent'anni, I’ve only had the flu once, and have never gotten a flu shot. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. So, I’m not suggesting that you miss it either. Rather, balance out your pH by leaning toward more fruits and veggies the following day. And whenever you feel slightly images-2under the weather, have a sore throat or feel that you have the beginnings of a cold or flu, it’s likely that your body is too acidic. In this case, to prevent getting ill, you simply need to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and their juices, broth-based soups, and liquids. And decrease your intake of starchy foods, meats, and sugary foods. Here’s to your health!

For more information on diet, please refer to the articleTO DIET or not to diet; Is That the Question?

Recommended reading: (1) Alkalize or Die, by Theodore Baroody, NC, DC, PhD. (2) Nourishing the Body Temple: Edgar Cayce’s Approach to Nutrition by Simone Gabbay, RNCP. (3) The pH Miracle; Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Robert O. Young, PhD and Shelley Redford Young.