Would you invite a convicted rapist to your home for dinner? How about a serial killer? No? Good for you. しかしながら, if you watch television shows like NCIS and Law and Order and movies like Scream and No Country for Old Men, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Instead of inviting peace into your home, you’re inviting hatred and discord instead. The same is true of violent music and computer game-equivalents.

The best advice my father ever gave me wasSurround yourself with positive people.We create our lives in how we think, what we watch and listen to, and with whom we spend our time. The physicist, Max Planck believed that thoughts are things. Other quantum physicists have even proven that our thoughts affect our physical reality. Several years back I read an interesting article regarding this. The article reviewed a simple experiment in which researchers viewed the effects of thought on two glasses of water. Each glass of water was assigned a small group of people. The first group of people were instructed to direct the most evil, negative thoughts possible toward the glass of water. The second group were given opposite instructions, to direct warm, loving, happy thoughts toward their water. At the end of the experiment, water molecules from each glass were viewed under a microscope. The water from the first group that focused negative energy toward their water, exhibited harsh, jagged lines and angles. In contrast, the water from the second group that projected happy thoughts toward their water, showed snowflake-like designs. Coincidence? I think not.

Unfortunately, this has also been proven in real life examples. In the fall of 2013, four white students at San Jose State University bullied, and were later charged, with hate crimes toward an African-American student. When questioned, one of the charged boys stated he got the idea from TV. A new television show has been born out of all the evil created by such negativity. It’s calledKiller Kids.Out of curiosity, I watch it once. The show was about two young teenage cousins from southern California. The younger was considered a good boy, loved his mother and attended church on Sundays. The two boys became violently obsessed watching the movie, Scream 2. Bottom line, after having watched it multiple times, they decided to act out the plot on the younger boysmother, stabbing her with a butcher knife thirty or more times. Just reading about this doesn’t make you feel too peaceful, does it?

Granted, violent movies have been produced as long as television has been in existence but they were of a more subdued, simplistic nature, like cowboy and Indian movies not the evil, sadistic, torture-chamber horror shows that are made today. In the last thirty years, movies and television have become more and more violent and along with it, our society. I don’t recall massive, violent shootings in our schools fifty years ago. Do you? Whatever happened to innocent, fun television shows and movies like The Carol Burnett Show, Goldie Hawn movies, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and more recently, Seinfeld, Friends, and Frazier. They’ve been replaced by shows like Snapped and Killer Kids. It’s unfortunate but Hollywood is contributing toward the increase in violence in our society.

Edgar Cayce was popular for the following quote: “Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result.In order to invite and maintain peace in our lives, we need to monitor our thoughts and be careful what we allow into our homes and minds. Our homes are sacred places that should be filled with beautiful music, loving company, humorous sit-coms, scented candles and flowers. With what do you fill your home?