Improving the Immune System

A German cancer therapist, Dr. Issels (1907-1998) developed a treatment for cancer based on strengthening the immune system. He believed that cancer was not a localized disease but a disorder of the whole person, and therefore, his treatment focused on the whole body. Dr. Issels believed that a person only developed cancer if their immune system had been damaged in some way and was unable to defend itself. The treatment involved removing tumors with surgery when appropriate but then focused on rebuilding the immune system so the cancer did not return as it often does with conventional treatments. He did occasionally employ the use of conventional treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation but was very cautious in their use and often critical of orthodox treatments due to their damaging effect on the immune system. Methods employed by Dr. Issels included detoxification, enzyme therapy, homeopathic remedies, liver-extract injections, and oxygen therapy.

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Demonstrating that the European medical establishment is just as corrupt as their American counterpart, the German medical authorities convicted him in court for using unauthorized therapies, and he was given a suspended jail sentence. In the United States, “the American Cancer Society had black-listed him; it later formally condemned him by placing his therapy on the Unproven Methods list even though it had never observed his practice.

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