• Only eat vine-ripened tomatoes.

Cayce stated that tomatoes were one of the healthiest foods known to man and more vitamins were obtained from this food than any vegetable. sin embargo, if not vine ripened, tomatoes could be destructive to the body. Unfortunately, grocery store tomatoes are not vine ripened. They like you to think they are as this is what they advertise, but they are actually picked green, and then gassed to make them turn red. I had the opportunity to view this process on a college field trip to a major food distributor. Therefore, it’s best to purchase your tomatoes from a farm stand or grown your own. Cayce recommended that if you couldn’t find seasonal, locally grown tomatoes, that canned tomatoes were safe to eat.

  • Eat fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

It seems apparent that the most obvious reason for eating locally grown food is that there is a correlation between the distance that food travels to you and its nutrient value. If you grow your own tomatoes in the backyard, this fruit may only be traveling several yards to get from your garden to your salad bowl. Therefore, the nutrient value is at its highest. A diferencia de, the fruits and vegetables purchased in the grocery store may be traveling three thousand miles to reach you. Asi que, their nutrient value and freshness is in a state of decline. Cayce also reported that locally grown produce helped a body become acclimated to their town. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to locally grown produce but many of us are able to visit farm stands during summer months.

  • Eat a raw vegetable salad daily.

Cayce recommended having one meal a day consisting of fresh, raw vegetables, usually at the noon time meal. Fresh, raw fruit salad was also suggested occasionally. Three items often mentioned to include in the salad were lettuce, carrots, and watercress which he said cleansed the blood. Interestingly, Cayce recommended only eating apples raw by themselves, preferably as part of a detox plan.

  • Eat whole grains.

In other words, avoid white flour and other refined grains. When white flour is processed, the germ and bran are removed which results in the loss of many B-vitamins, iron and fiber. This practice of refining flour began in the nineteenth century around the late 1870’s as a way of extending the shelf life of flour and also because white bread was thought to be more in style than brown bread. sin embargo, this resulted in several diseases including pellagra and beriberi. As a result, grains that are refined are required by law to be enriched, meaning that some of the B-vitamins and iron lost must be added back. Therefore, if a bread whose ingredients include the word enriched, this is a dead giveaway that it is not a whole grain.

  • Eat two almonds a day to prevent cancer.

In one reading, eating two or three almonds daily was recommended to prevent cancer. “Those who would eat two to three almonds each day need never fear cancer.” (Reading 1158-31) Cayce stated that “the almond carries more phosphorus and iron in a combination easily assimilated than any other nut.” (Reading 1131-2). He also suggested that almonds, being fairly high in calcium, were a good substitute for milk. Unfortunately, the USDA has destroyed the almond industry in the U.S. For more information, see the article entitled, La almendra Todopoderoso.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks.

These were referred to by Cayce as “slop.” Carbonated drinks also contribute toward an acidic pH and have no nutritional value.

  • Avoid alcohol, except red wine.

Red wine is known to be heart healthy as it contains a plant compound, or polyphenol, called resveratrol. Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes, and also berries, and acts as an antioxidant protecting the body from free radical damage.

  • Chew food slowly and thoroughly.

Although most people think digestion begins in the stomach, it actually begins in the mouth with an enzyme called salivary amylase. This enzyme is present in our saliva and begins the chemical process of digestion. Therefore, chewing our food slowly and thoroughly aids digestion.

  • Never eat when angry, worried or emotionally upset.

Some people might say, “Well then, I’d never eat!” Many people’s lives are so fast paced these days, they find it difficult to slow down for a relaxing meal. But Cayce said if the body is in a distressed state, it not only interfered with digestion, but that the food would become toxic to the body.

I had a patient several years ago that made me think of this particular recommendation by Cayce. He was a young man in his forties who had been diagnosed with cancer of both the small and large intestine. Basically, his entire intestinal tract was cancerous and he was no longer able to tolerate food so he was on IV nutrition, known as total parenteral nutrition; TPN for short. It was my job to dose and monitor his TPN which I did via lab reports and updates from him and his nurse on a weekly basis by phone. The first time I spoke with him, the first thing I noticed was that he was a very angry person. Each time I called him for an update on how he was doing, he spoke to me in an angry, curt manner. It wasn’t until shortly before his death that he began making peace with the world, speaking in a more friendly tone. I often wondered if his anger is what contributed to his cancer.

Since quantum physicists have now been able to prove that our thoughts affect physical reality, it is quite possible for an angry attitude to have a detrimental effect on your body. One experiment proving this point was an interesting one done on water. Quantum physicists took two groups of people and two glasses of water. The first group of people were told to focus loving, happy thoughts toward the water. The second group of people were advised to focus evil, angry thoughts toward their water. When viewing the water molecules under a microscope, the water that received happy, loving thoughts had formed beautiful snowflake-like designs. A diferencia de, the evil-thoughts water had formed jagged, asymmetrical, unattractive lines. Long before quantum physics made this discovery, Cayce stated that “thoughts are things.” Therefore, it would behoove us to control our thoughts.

  • The 3-Day Apple Diet

Cayce recommended this three day fast, eating only apples, as a way to cleanse the body of toxins. I’ve done this several times, usually once a year in the spring. I like to think of it as spring cleaning! If you can get yourself through the first day, the other two days are much easier. The first time I tried the apple diet, I thought surely I would be dragging myself around in a lethargic state for three days, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that I had a fairly good amount of energy.

This is a pretty easy fast to do; it just involves a little will power. If you decide to do this diet, the best place to start is by mentally preparing yourself a few days in advance. Pick your days, usually the weekend works best. Purchase your apples before day one. I like to use two or three varieties of organic apples. I don’t know if Cayce recommends this or not, but I continue to drink coffee in the morning – without cream of course, and only sweetened with Stevia – and drink water, warm or at room temperature throughout the day. Sometimes I drink chamomile tea in the afternoon, again, sweetened only with Stevia. Whenever you get hungry, eat another apple. The hardest part is being around other people that are eating and also seeing commercials on television about food. To get through the first day, which I believe is the most difficult, just remind yourself why you’re doing this. Considering all the toxins in our food supply, this three day fast is very beneficial. Cayce stated this is also a good way to prevent disease. One thing that most people don’t think about is that your body never gets a vacation. It works twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Even when you’re sleeping, the body is working to maintain a normal pH. Asi que, giving it three days off is a blessing. During this three days, the body is tricked into a fasting mode and begins dumping toxins from the liver and kidneys into the bloodstream where they can be expelled. And the pectin fiber from the apples cleanses the intestinal tract. On the evening of day three, take two teaspoons of olive oil, preferably organic, extra virgin. This is designed to release stored bile and any stones you may have in your gallbladder. After completing this diet, people report feeling more energetic and experience greater mental clarity.