Many people, at the start of a new year, make a resolution to improve their health or go on a diet. With this in mind, I would like to offer some tips to help those of you that are interested in weight loss or just improving your diet in general. Look for over 30 tips to help you achieve your goals.

Healthy Tip #1 – Don’t go on a diet. 为什么? because diets don’t work. The only thing going a diet leads to, is going of it some day. Instead, the goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Going on a diet is the equivalent of seeing a sign in a china shop or boutique that readsDon’t Touch!” It may not have occurred to you before to touch, but just seeing the sign suddenly makes you want to touch that delicate china. The same is true of diets; as soon as your mind says, “Oooh, that looks really good, but you can’t have it,” you want it, 对?

So, stay tuned, you’ll be provided with dozens of tips to help you achieve your goals in this new year!