Prayer and Illness

When it comes to illness, researchers have found that praying for sick people helps them to get well even when they don’t know someone is praying for them. Studies have shown that treatment outcomes are improved by prayer and that prayer has a positive effect on stress reduction.

Presently, the Christian Science Church is seeking to have prayer treatments covered by insurance companies as a medical expense. This measure is being backed by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, including Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) and Democratic Senators John F. Kerry (D-Mass) and the late Edward M. Kennedy, also of Massachusetts. Whether an alternative or complementary therapy, Phil Davis, a senior official of the Christian Science Church, believes thatthere is a connection between healthcare and spirituality.

Currently, the Internal Revenue Service allows the cost of prayer sessions to be included as an itemized deduction for income tax purposes.

Edgar Cayce’s View of Prayer

Prayer is just as scientific as the knife, in its individual field. Mechano-therapy or mechanical treatments are as effective in their individual fields, and are of the same source as prayer-if applied in the same manner, or with the same sincerity.” (Cayce reading 1546-1)

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