Some people have asked how and where to store their castor oil pack. This is easily done. After using your pack, use the bag that you covered it with (to keep your heating pad from getting oily) to wrap it up in. Then put it in a zip lock bag and store it in a cool, dry place. Some people store their packs in the refrigerator. Others, just put it in a cabinet. Just make sure that it’s not stored near a heat source, like your oven or stove.

Also, important to mention is that your pack, like your toothbrush, shouldn’t be shared. Each pack made is for that individual. It contains your bacteria, germs, and your essence and shouldn’t be used by others. If you use your pack frequentlythree to four times a week for several weeksevery so often, you will need to add a little more castor oil to it so it doesn’t get dried out. Most packs if kept away from heat, are good for up to a year.