Numerous Edgar Cayce readings recommended an herbal mixture as treatment for tooth and gum health. He called it Ipsab and it’s still available for sale today. It’s made of prickly ash bark, salt, calcium chloride, peppermint, and iodine. It was recommended most often in a liquid form, which is how it’s sold today. しかしながら, if a thicker paste form is desired, Cayce said it could be thickened by adding additional salt to it. Ipsab was recommended for bleeding or receeding gums and also for general upkeep of the teeth and gums. In Cayce’s words:

Do use Ipsab as a massage for the gums and it will make a great deal of difference with the teeth, the breath and the general activity. (Reading 3598-1)

If the solution known as Ipsab is used to massage the gums occasionally, it will make for a strengthening of the areas and a preserving of their usefulness. Once or twice a week this would be thoroughly massaged into the gums, and will make a great deal of change in the gums and the teeth. Do that. (Reading 987-1)

The receding gums and those tendencies towards pyorrhea would be allayed by the consistent use of Ipsab as a massage for the teeth and gums. Also these should be treated, some locally, with the dentist’s paraphernalia [and also] – the small wads of cotton saturated with the Ipsab and applied in the areas where the conditions are indicated at the base or edge of the gums. (Reading 3696-1)

One bottle of Ipsab lasts quite a long time. It’s most easily applied by dipping a cotton swab into the liquid and massaging it onto the gums. Applying it two to three times per week is best. A friend of mine in his seventies was told by his dentist last year that he would likely need to have one of his teeth pulled. The dentist asked him to come back in six months to see how it was doing. My friend decided to try Ipsab a few times a week and when he returned to the dentist several months later, he was told his tooth and gums looked good. The tooth didn’t need to be removed! Ipsab is not a replacement for regular dental visits but can definitely be a good compliment.