Some restaurants and eateries advertise their food as being 100% clean, but what does this really mean?

100% Clean is defined as:

USDA Organicfarmed without the use of toxic pesticides and independently verified by a third party.

Gluten Freeplant-based and certified gluten-free by NSF, an international foundation.

NSFtested and proven free from banned substances by world leading certifiers.

An American eatery, Panera advertises themselves as 100% clean. però, I know that their bagels are not gluten-free, neither are their breads. They also do not list anything on their menu as organic. They do advertise their meats as beingantibiotic freebut this is far from being organic. Even if meats are free from antibiotics, they likely come from animals fed a GMO diet, perciò, they are not organic. It’s unlikely that Panera is 100% clean but it’s good to know the definition of “100% cleanso you know what you’re looking for.